Who is performing?
Monique Mead and other musicians will perform an uplifting 50-minute program that includes one work by Beethoven, celebrating his 250th birthday in 2020.  Musicians stay and mingle afterwards.
Who qualifies for a performance?
Any individual or group who may be experiencing loneliness, grief, illness, or another form of adversity, and whose spirits would be lifted by live music.
Where would you perform?
We are willing to come to any hospice, shelter, rehab center, prison, private home, church, or other venue where you have a personal contact and would be able to arrange a performance.
How do we arrange for a performance?
This effort relies on your willingness to coordinate the date and details of the performance, and your efforts are greatly appreciated!  We hope this online form will make it easy for you to arrange a performance.  
How much would this cost?
Your contributions allow us to modestly compensate our musicians.  While no one will be turned down for lack of funds, we suggest payment of $200 on the day of the performance.  Currently, a generous donor is making it possible for us to offer five concerts at $100 each.
How should we set up the space?
Musicians are accustomed to playing in intimate settings.  The experience will be most enjoyable if you are able to create a calm atmosphere with minimal noises and distractions.
When would the musicians arrive?
Musicians will arrive to set up approx. 30 minutes prior to performance.  You should reserve a 2-hr. block of time for use of the performance space.